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What is Tech Neck?


Have you heard of the term tech neck? It is becoming a more common phenomenon in not only middle aged people but also our youth.

Tech neck refers to the strain and discomfort experienced in the neck and upper back as a result of prolonged use of smartphones, tablets, and computers. The constant forward tilt of the head while texting, scrolling, or gaming can place large amounts of stress on the cervical spine, leading to stiffness, soreness, and even chronic pain. It can also contribute to headaches, reduced mobility, brain fog and other things. 

From an aesthetic view this is your typical ‘slouched’ looking posture. It causes the head to drag forward, the shoulders to curve and a decrease in your overall height. It also gives the appearance of a hump at the top of your spine. 

What is worse is that we are actually seeing structural changes on X-rays of people who spend a lot of time on technology. Instead of a nice C shape curve we are seeing this curve straightening or even reversing. The youngest I have seen this on is a girl in her early 20s! 


Tech neck doesn’t just look bad – it can change your health! 

It not only has a structural effect but the change in posture can lead to things such as decreased lung capacity leading to more shallow breathing and a decrease in oxygen intake. It can also have an affect on mood, emotions, concentration and brain fog.

Several studies have been done on the effects of forward head posture. One study showed that there was a correlation between forward head posture and sensorimotor control and autonomic nervous system function. In simple terms it showed that forward head posture effects your ability to know where you are in space as well as a decrease in the autonomic nervous system function (this is the system that controls pulse rate, breathing etc). 

Another showed that subjects with forward head posture had less efficient athletic performance compared to athletes with normal neck and head alignment.

These studies show that tech neck doesn’t just look bad it is also affecting your neurology and therefore how your body works.


Do you or someone you know
look like they have Tech neck?

If you think you or your loved ones are experiencing ‘tech neck’ or you are worried about getting it then here are our top tips to manage and prevent it. 

  1. Get adjusted 

Chiropractic adjustments for neck pain help to maintain mobility in the neck which can alleviate pain and discomfort.

Regular care can also help to correct the neck curve which will lead to overall better function long term. By keeping the neck moving well and functioning well we can restore proper neck motion and posture. 

2. Time on the denaroll or neck curve correction device

Spending 10 minutes on a neck curve correction device such as a denneroll helps your neck sit in the correct posture. This allows deep stretches to occur in tight muscles and ligaments which can help return proper alignment.

It also helps the brain recognise proper joint positioning which can help it to assist in the realignment. 

3. Correctly using devices 

Bringing phone to eye level will avoid that looking down posture and stops your neck curve from reversing. Instead, by bringing phone to eye level you keep the natural curve in the neck. 

For laptop or computer use, make sure you have a correct ergonomic set up. Screen should be at eye level and your elbows and wrists at 90 degrees. Shoulders should be back and torso should be engaged and upright. 

4. For kids using tablets the best position is on their belly 

If children are using tablets or ipads for extended periods of time then the best position for them to do this is to lay on their bellies with the device propped up.

Again this prevents that looking down position and keeps the neck in a neutral position. 

5. Take regular breaks

It’s easy to get lost in scrolling on your phone or working away on your laptop but the best thing you can do is take regular breaks. Get up and move around.

Stretch your neck and pecs, look up at the sky. Sticking reminder sticky notes to your laptop or setting a timer for every 30 minutes is a great way to remind yourself.

Tech neck is not just an aesthetic postural problem. It’s a risk factor for early onset degeneration (arthritis) of the neck and can have an effect on brain function.

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