Choosing to see a chiropractor during pregnancy may be an unnerving thought to those who have never seen one before. You are trying to make sure you are doing the right thing not only for yourself but also for your baby. Wether you are suffering from pain related to your pregnancy or you want to make sure your pelvis and spine are aligned before birth, seeing a chiropractor is a safe and beneficial option during pregnancy.

So lets address the number 1 concern I know a lot of pregnant women have when it comes to Chiropractic and that is, is seeing a Chiropractor safe while pregnant?

Chiropractic safe while pregnant

Chiropractic care during pregnancy has been utilised by women all over the world to help them feel more comfortable and move better during pregnancy. It is a great way to help your body adapt to the changes you go through throughout pregnancy as well as getting your body ready for birth!

Chiropractic examination and treatment during pregnancy is a safe and effective way to treat many common pregnancy related musculoskeletal conditions such as low back pain, sciatica and pubic pain. It also has several other benefits including shortening labour times and aligning the pelvis for birth. Read more about the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy here.  

Chiropractic during pregnancy is very safe and within the current literature around chiropractic and pregnancy there are no known adverse effects on both the mother or the baby. A great chiropractor should take a detailed history and do a thorough exam which helps them determine the best course of treatment for you. By doing this a pregnancy chiropractor will determine what methods of treatment are going to be safe and suitable for you.

While all chiropractors do some study around chiropractic and pregnancy during their university degree it is a good idea to find a chiropractor who has done further training in chiropractic and pregnancy. This ensures that they are up to date with all the latest research and can provide you with tailored treatment as well as some great take home exercises and recommendations. You really want a chiropractor who is invested in your pregnancy and the overall health of you and your baby.


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Chiropractic Adjustments During Pregnancy

Another concern surrounding chiropractic and pregnancy is that women can be frightened of the adjustments we do and how that will affect the baby. It is a misconception that we do quite heavy adjustments that can put a lot of pressure on the body and more specifically the abdomen. This is definitely not the case. In fact, the adjustments we provide to pregnant women are very gentle and there are a variety of techniques we can use depending on what you as the patient feel comfortable with. Any techniques we use around the pelvis and abdomen are very specific and gentle and do not put any pressure or stress on your baby.





How Do I Know If I Should See A Chiropractor During Pregnancy? 

My first and honest answer is that I believe every woman should be assessed by a chiropractor during pregnancy. This may sound a bit over the top but with so many changes happening to a womans body during pregnancy combined with the lives we live and the modern day posture most of us are in, most pregnant women could benefit from chiropractic care in one way or another.

Seeing a Chiropractor during pregnancy can not only help you move better and be more comfortable during your pregnancy but it can also help with your labour. Read about Chiropractic and labour here.

I don’t like to use pain as a good indicator as to when to see a Chiropractor during pregancy as when to come in as pain it is generally a last resort of the body to tell you something is wrong. If you are in pain, whether that be pregnancy related low back pain, pelvic pain, pubic pain, neck pain or headaches then it probably is a great time to see a pregnancy chiropractor. In an ideal world I would see pregnant women before it got to this point to help prevent it from becoming painful in the first place.


Every woman deserves to enjoy their pregnancy and be pain free and comfortable. They also deserve to do everything they can to make sure their birth is as stress free and easy as possible. Chiropractic has a great track record of helping women feel comfortable throughout their pregnancy and is also a great way to prepare for birth. That is why so many midwives, Doulas and Obstetricians are now referring their pregnant women to us as they see the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy.


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