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Specific and Gentle Chiropractic care for Infants

Chiropractic Care for Babies

A passion of Dr Alana’s here at InnerBloom is helping babies through the use of gentle chiropractic care. I have always had a strong pull towards babies and children ever since I was a little girl which is why it is no surprise that this is the area I have ended up in.

I have a strong will to help babies and children be the healthiest and pain free verision of themselves and do this through the use of specific paediatric Chiropractic care. Especially now being a mother myself I have seen the difference Chiropractic care has made to my son and his health and temperament. 

Paediatric Chiropractic care is a great addition to the healthcare of your baby because the healthy growth and development of the spine and nervous system is essential in the overall growth and development of a child. The nervous system is the master controller of our body and during the first year of life it is developing at a crazy fast rate and making billions of connections. If there are any restrictions or limitations on the spine and nervous system it could potentially interfere with this development and connections.

As a chiropractors it is my aim to remove thesis restrictions and interference so that your baby’s nervous system can work to the best of it’s ability and keep your baby pain free and healthy.

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Why would your baby need to see a Chiropractor?

There are many reasons why parents choose to see a baby chiropractor and there are many events in your baby’s first few months of life that can cause stress to their body and warrant a visit to your chiro.  

Think about what your baby goes through to make their entrance into the world. Thinking back to the birth of your baby you can start to see how much pressure is put on a baby’s system from the get go. The birthing process is quite traumatic for a bub whether it was a completely natural birth or whether medical intervention such as forceps, vacuuming or caesarean was involved. Think how your body would feel if it was being pushed out of a tight hole. Even being cooped up in the uterus for 9 months can put a lot of strain on a baby’s body.

Then over the next few months of life their movement control is quite limited and they tend to throw their bodies and head around. This is enough to cause restrictions in their joints and tension through their nervous system. Then throw in learning to hold their head up, sit, crawl and eventually walk – Your baby goes through a lot!

Some common symptoms/conditions parents bring their baby to a chiropractor are: 

  • Feeding issues due to neck or jaw restrictions
  • Noticing their head prefers to turn one way 
  • Flatness over one side of the head (plagiocephaly) 
  • Poor head control
  • Sleeping difficulties 
  • Low muscle tone (hypotonia or floppy baby)
  • General check-up (checking their neurological development)
  • Crawling, rolling over or movement difficulties
  • Post developmental milestones (sitting, crawling, walking) 
  • Post falls, bumps, knocks ect 



Want to get your baby checked by a paediatric chiropractor 

“In the newborn, even the smallest of msialignments and subluxations may have a tremendous impact on the developing nerve system”


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What Does a Baby Chiropractic Adjustment Look Like? 

When you first visit Dr Alana at InnerBloom Chiropractic you will be asked to fill out an extensive history form for your child. Questions will cover things such as  your pregnancy, the birth experience, your childs eating behaviour, sleeping behaviour, general health and overall development. This means Dr Alana has a thorough understanding of your child before even meeting them.


On your very first visit Alana will spend a while chatting to you and your partner about your child and what your concerns for them are. She will explain what Chiropractic has to do with kids and what she can do for your child. The next step is an in depth assessment. Don’t worry these aren’t as formal or scary as it sounds. Assessment includes looking at your babies movement, primitive reflexes and other tests depending on your babies age. This is where we also gently feel the spine to see if any restrictions are present.

The main aim of the assessment is to determine if I can help your child and if so how I can help. 

Treatment may then take place depending on what we find during the assessment. An infant chiropractic adjustment looks VERY different to an adult chiropractic adjustment. Adjusting a baby involves no cracking or crunching. Instead it involes sustained gentle holding on the restricted spinal joint to encourage movement. We also use techniques to help balance the tension around the spine as well as encourage proper cranial movement. A benefit of seeing Alana is that she will explain all of this as she is going through her treatment and will always ask your ok !

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Is Infant Chiropractic Care Safe?

Research shows chiropractic has an exemplary safety record with babies and children. This is especially true if you visit a Chiropractor who has extra Paediatric Chiropractic training. 

The recent indpendent review into Chiropractic spinal manipulation of children under 12 had an outstanding positive response from the public. This review showed the following: 

     –  There is no record of any serious adverse events with babies or children under 12 in Australia. 

     – The public survey was overwhelmingly positive:

  • Almost 22,000 members of the public who had taken their children to see a chiro responded, more than any other survey of its kind by quite a long way

  • 99.7% expressed satisfaction with the service they had received

  • 98% said they felt it had benefited their children

Occasionally babies can seem a little unsettled after treatment – this usually lasts less than 24 hours. Other side effects may include things such as poop explosions and long sleeps (this is non-scientific based just comments made by my patients!) 

As with Physiotherpay, Osteopathy and other manual therapies, serious reactions are rare with Chiropractic (Todd et al 2014).



About Your Paediatric-Trained Chiropractor

Alana was first adjusted at 6 months old and has been adjusted ever since. Being a very active child she definitely put her body through a lot and thanks Chiropractic for keeping her moving and pretty much injury free! 

Dr Alana is one of those women who have just always loved kids. From the moment her little brother was born she acted like she was the mum with her mother constantly having to remind her that in fact she was his sister not mother! From the time she was in High School Alana knew she wanted to work with babies and children and that plus her passion in health has led her here. 

As a parent you will appreciate Alana’s ability to connect with children and make them feel at ease as well as her down to earth nature and her ability to explain things in a way that you will understand. 

Alana has undertaken several post graduate paediatric seminars and has plans to complete her Paediatric Chiropractic Diplomate in the next couple of years. 


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