Chiropractic is a great natural alternative to deal with some common (but not normal) baby issues. There are many reasons people bring their babies to a chiropractor, from flat spots on heads to screaming every time they are in the car seat.

While many parents question whether they should get their baby checked by a Chiropractor we wanted to share 3 indicators where we think getting checked by a chiropractor is a must.

With these indicators we strive to find the underlying cause and address these with gentle chiropractic adjustments and advice.


1. Head preference to one side

If you notice that your baby consistently prefers turning their head to one side, it might be an indicator that a visit to a chiropractor could be beneficial. This preference can sometimes signify underlying issues such as muscle imbalances, joint restrictions, or conditions like torticollis, where the neck muscles are tight on one side.

A chiropractor can perform a thorough assessment to identify any spinal misalignments or muscular issues that might be contributing to this head preference.

Early intervention can help correct these imbalances, promoting better symmetry in muscle development and preventing potential future complications related to posture and mobility.

2. Banana Spine to one side

A banana-shaped curve of the spine to one side in babies, often referred to as “banana spine,” can be a significant indicator that your baby should be seen by a chiropractor.  Such a curve might result from positioning in the womb, birth trauma, or early postural habits.

A chiropractor  can perform a gentle and thorough evaluation to determine the cause of the curvature.

Addressing these issues early on through chiropractic adjustments can help ensure proper spinal alignment and prevent potential developmental challenges, supporting your baby’s health and well-being.

3. Uncomfortable or tense baby

If you catch yourself saying “they just look uncomfortable” or “they seem tense” then its a good idea to get them checked. If they look uncomfortable it is probably because they are.

Birth is tough on babies and many are born with misalignments and/or tension in their muscles. This can cause them much discomfort. Just like when we as adults hurt our joints or muscles. 

Getting them checked by a chiropractor can help identify any of these areas and start working on relieving them. 

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