Training your pain away

We see people everyday suffering with back pain. Whether it be post injury, chronic pain or something that has just popped up. Athletes, office workers, mums, elderley – people from all stages of life experience back pain. 

As one of the most prevalent health complaints, lower back pain can significantly impact quality of life, limiting mobility and productivity.

While we know Chiropractic treatment is a great way to get on top of your back pain we constantly educate our patients on ways they can help themselves at home. One such way is through strength training. Strength training plays an important role in the management of back pain, offering both preventative and therapeutic benefits.

Incorporating strength training into our treatment plan addresses the underlying muscular imbalances and weaknesses that often contribute to back pain. By improving the strength and endurance of the core and back muscles, strength training helps alleviates pain as well as reducing the likelihood of future episodes.

Regular strength training will also help to improve posture, flexibility, and overall function. 


It’s important to note that strength training is not just lifting weights in a gym session. This type of excerise is not for everyone and is not suitable for everyone! 

Strength training can also be pilates, yoga and bodyweight excercises. 

Understanding Lower Back Pain

Before delving into the benefits of strength training, it’s crucial to understand the causes of low back pain. The lower back, or lumbar region, bears a significant portion of the body’s weight and is susceptible to strain and injury. Common causes of low back pain include muscle imbalances, weak core muscles, poor posture, and spinal misalignment. Sedentary lifestyles and lack of physical activity can exacerbate these issues, leading to chronic discomfort.


How do Strength exercises help?

Muscle Strengthening

Strength training targets the muscles surrounding the spine, including the core, back, and hips. By strengthening these muscles, individuals can better support the spine and alleviate stress on the lower back.

Exercises such as deadlifts, squats, lunges, and planks engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, promoting overall stability and reducing the risk of injury.

Improving Posture

Prolonged poor posture can lead to weakening of muscles which often contributes to low back pain. Strength training helps to strengthen the muscles that are responsible for good posture and spinal alignment.

As individuals develop stronger core muscles and better posture through regular strength training, they experience reduced strain on the lower back during daily activities.

Spinal Support

A strong core acts as a stabilizing force for the spine, reducing the risk of spinal misalignment and injury. Strength training exercises that target the core muscles, such as abdominal crunches, back extensions, and Russian twists, promote spinal stability and alleviate pressure on the lumbar region.

Additionally, strengthening the muscles surrounding the spine helps distribute weight more evenly, reducing the strain on individual vertebrae.

Increasing Flexibility and Mobility

In addition to building strength, incorporating flexibility exercises into your strength training regimen can further alleviate low back pain. Stretching exercises improve flexibility and mobility in the muscles and ligaments surrounding the spine, enhancing range of motion and reducing stiffness.

Improved flexibility reduces the likelihood of muscle strains and promotes better posture, ultimately contributing to long-term back health.

Pain Management

Regular physical activity, including strength training, stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. Engaging in strength training sessions can help individuals manage chronic low back pain by reducing inflammation, improving blood flow, and promoting relaxation.

Over time, consistent exercise can lead to a decrease in pain intensity and frequency, allowing individuals to regain control of their daily lives.

Strength training is a highly effective addition into a treatment plan to help alleviate back pain and improve overall back health.

By targeting muscle imbalances, improving posture, enhancing spinal support, increasing flexibility, and managing pain, individuals can experience significant relief from back pain.

However, it’s essential to approach strength training with caution, especially if you’re new to exercise or have existing back issues. Consulting with a healthcare professional or certified personal trainer can help develop a safe and tailored strength training program to address specific needs and goals. With dedication and consistency, incorporating strength training into your routine can lead to a stronger, more resilient back and a higher quality of life.

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