One of the most common questions Chiropractors get asked is how often do they need to come back to see us. 

But first, what is Chiropractic?

Before we get into how often you should see a chiropractor, we need to understand what chiropractic is.

Chiropractic care is based on the knowledge that tension, misalignment and dysfunction of your spine can interfere with the flow of information throughout your nervous system. This is because your spine is the protective encasement to your spinal cord which is the main highway of your nervous system. The spinal cord is connecting the information your brain sends to your body and the information your body relays back up into the brain.

When the spine is moving freely and there is no misalignment or dysfunction then the signals from brain to body and body to brain can fire quickly and not be interfered with. This should mean the body is working at an optimal level. When there is misalignments or dysfunction of the spine then these signals are diminished and problems start to occur within the body, for example pain. 

Keeping it short and simple chiropractors identify these misalignments and correct these dysfunctional segments often referred to as subluxation (by chiropractors) to improve the function of your overall spine and nervous system.


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Why see a Chiropractor?

Most people start to see a chiropractor because they are experiencing pain or other symptoms and they are looking for some relief. Chiropractic is a great option for pain relief but a lot of people don’t really understand the beauty of Chiropractic comes from its long term benefits. 

When first seeing a chiropractor you may wonder how often do I need to come or how long will it take to get better? Well of course everyone would love to hear that it will take just one visit (and believe us we would love to be magicians and fix everything instantly) but like all things good for us it takes time and consistency. While initial adjustments may help pain they will rarely make a long-term difference to your overall health and wellness.

An an example, have you ever experienced pain from simply bending down to lift an extremely light object, or started getting headaches or without a clear cause? Well these issues usually occur because of a build-up of stress over a number of weeks, months and sometimes even years. Often this type of pain or symptoms is like the final straw and your body is screaming at you that something is wrong. This type of pain is usually the last thing in a series of dysfunctions or issues your body may have been experiencing so it makes sense that the pain is usually the first thing to go. However, the underlying issues can take a much longer time to correct which is why seeing a Chiropractor on a regular basis is a great thing for your body and health!

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      How Often Should I See My Chiropractor?

      How often you need to see a chiropractor depends on a number of different factors including what you come in for, your assessment results and what your overall goals are. Chiropractic care may require numerous visits as it allows the body’s structure to adapt and change as well as allow the nervous system to adapt. Like going to the gym and getting fit once we reach this point of our body feeling good and moving well its all about maintaing that. That is the primary reason so many people come to us for regular wellness care. 

      Research as shown (specicially for low back pain and headaches) that seeing a chiropractor more often when you begin care has real long-term and beneficial effects to the way your spine and nervous system works.

      When experiencing high levels of dysfunction and pain the more often you are adjusted the better the results. Typically, as the overall function of your spine and nervous system improve then the frequency you will need to see a chiropractor will decrease. How often you will need to see a chiropractor depends on a number of things including: the severity of the issue, the amount of  wear and tear through your spine and how much stress your body and nervous system is dealing with. 

      At Innerbloom Chiropractic our care plans and recommendations are recommended base on clinical experience, the best available research and what the patient wants to get out of care.

          How Long Does It Take To Start Seeing Results?

          If we believe that you can benefit from chiropractic care based on your initial consultation and thorough assessment, we will build a personalised roadmap to getting your health back on track. This will take into account your severity of your issue; the results of your assessment and you own health objectives. 

          Although people can get relief instantaneous, most patients will start to notice significant changes within a few weeks of chiropractic care.

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              Do You Have To Be In Pain To See A Chiropractor?

              The short answer is No…

              Chiropractors regularly see patient that experience no pain at all.

              In some ways it is sort of like seeing a dentist where you have regular visits to get your teeth checked and cleaned. This is commonly understood as preventative care (you are getting your teeth checked to prevent them from rotting or causing you issues). Chiropractic is very similar; patients often see a chiropractor to make sure that their spine and nervous system is functioning properly so they can perform and live a happy and healthier life.

              Chiropractic has shown not only the ability to reduce pain but to improve your overall body’s ability to function.

              Some things you may notice when starting your journey through chiropractic care:
              – Improved mobility
              – Better posture
              – Decreased headaches
              – Less brain fog
              – Stablisaed moods
              – Improved athletic performance
              – Improved breathing
              – Increase energy levels
              – Better sleep

                  It’s important to note that along your Chiropractic journey we work with you. We will always recommend what we think is best for you at that point in time but we also understand that life happens. So please feel free to talk to us about your goals and situations so that we can work together to get you the best results! 

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