Chiropractic and hip pain isn’t the typical association however, it is something we see a lot of in practice.

Hip pain can significantly impact daily life, affecting mobility and overall well-being. 

The hips are crucial for our daily movement as well as for the movement of our spine and pelvis. Due to their mobility as well as the stability they need they  can be prone to discomfort due to various factors such as misalignments, muscle imbalances, or even underlying structural issues. Unfortunately when we experience hip pain it can have a significant impact on our daily life. 

While better known for our work with backs and necks, Chiropractors are still well trained and able to assess and treat hip pain.

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Understanding Hip Pain

Before delving into chiropractic and hip pain, it’s essential to recognize the various causes of hip pain. 

The hip is a ball and socket joint making it one of the most mobile joints in our body. It also has the role of connecting our lower limb to the spine. Part of its role is to move the leg but it also plays a huge role in shock absorption from impact activities such as running and jumping. The hip has a thick layer of cartilage to help with this as well as strong connective tissues around the joint. Surrounding ligaments, tendons and muscles provide stability and movement to the hip. 


Due to its anatomy and biomechanics the hip can be subjected to many different conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, muscle strains, subluxations (misalignments) just to name a few. 

Its close relationship to the pelvis and low back means it too can be affected by issues stemming from here. 

Hip pain can stem from acute injuries, overuse, prolonged poor posture, unfamiliar activities or chronic misalignments. 


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Chiropractic for Hip Pain

When it comes to Chiropractic and hip pain Chiropractors take a complete approach, meaning we usually don’t just look at the hip but the low back, pelvis and sometimes even the knee and foot. This is because we aim to identify the root cause of the pain and why it has occurred. 

Some treatment methods a Chiropractor might use for hip pain include:

Spinal Adjustments

Chiropractors use spinal adjustments to address misalignments in the spine, which may contribute to hip pain. By restoring proper alignment, pressure on the nerves and surrounding tissues can be reduced, potentially alleviating discomfort in the hip area.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Chiropractors often incorporate soft tissue manipulation techniques, such as massage and stretching exercises, to enhance flexibility, reduce muscle tension, and promote blood flow in the hip region. This can be particularly beneficial for addressing muscular imbalances and tightness contributing to hip pain.

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Joint Mobilization

Gentle joint mobilization techniques may be applied to improve the range of motion in the hip joint. This can help reduce stiffness and enhance the joint’s overall function, providing relief from hip pain.

Exercise and Rehabilitation

We may recommend specific exercises and/or rehabilitation programs to strengthen the muscles supporting the hip joint. Strengthening these muscles can contribute to improved stability and reduced strain on the hip, ultimately alleviating pain. The exercise program may also focus on improving range of motion of the hip. 

While chiropractic care may offer relief for some individuals experiencing hip pain, it’s crucial to consult with a qualified chiropractor to determine the most suitable course of action based on your specific condition. By taking a holistic and patient-centered approach, chiropractors aim to address the root causes of hip pain and improve overall musculoskeletal health. 

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