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Back pain is common, but it is not something to ignore. Almost all individuals experience back pain at some point. It is the second leading cause of disease burden in our society and one of the most common reasons for people to seek chiropractic care.

At Innerbloom Chiropractic, we offer solutions for back pain treatment and management. Our proven chiropractic therapies help you address the health of your back muscles, nerves and bones, ensuring your long-term comfort and mobility.

Causes Of Back Pain

Back pain often occurs without any specific injury or accident. However, some of the more common causes of back pain can include:
• Acute injuries such as from falls, trips, car accidents and sporting injuries
• Chronic instability from poor posture and lifestyle
• Degeneration
• Muscle weakness or imbalances
• Postural dysfunction
• Pregnancy

If you are experiencing back pain, you may experience symptoms such as:
• Pain, tension or soreness in the back/pelvic region
• Sharp or stabbing pain in one spot or general soreness to touch
• Stiffness within the back that makes walking or standing up straight painful
• Constant or short-lived pain to varying degrees of severity
• Muscle spasms in the back or glutes

It is important to consult a health professional such as a chiropractor to get your back assessed so that you can get the right back pain treatment for your discomfort.

How We Help

Chiropractic Adjustments
Precise spinal manipulations to correct alignment, ease pain, and support healing.

Chiropractic Mobilisations
Slow, deliberate movements aimed at boosting joint flexibility and easing stiffness.

Soft Tissue Therapy
Techniques targeting back muscles and ligaments to alleviate tension and inflammation and enhance recovery.

Pregnancy Care
Gentle adjustments and targeted exercises to bring relief to expectant mothers.

Rehabilitation Exercises
Curated exercises that progressively help recover your back strength and improve mobility.

Posture and Lifestyle Advice
Actionable advice on maintaining your back health tailored just for your needs.

Why Choose Us

Innerbloom Chiropractic provides expert chiropractic care tailored to your unique needs, helping you bloom into your healthiest self.

Personalised Care

Every treatment plan is tailored to your unique needs and comfort.

Experienced Team

Our chiropractors bring years of expertise to your care.

Holistic Approach

A focus on overall well-being beyond just symptom relief


How do you deliver chiropractic treatments for back pain?

We take a detailed history of your back pain and discuss details like your occupation, lifestyle, hobbies and medical history to understand what has happened and how we can help. We will then thoroughly examine your posture and range of motion, as well as conduct other tests or refer you for an X-ray.

Once we discover the cause, we will decide on a back pain treatment plan. Each treatment is tailored to each patient so that you get the best care possible. We take pride not just in helping you manage your back pain, but also to prevent it from recurring.

How do I know if I need treatment for my back pain?

Back pain may occasionally resolve on its own, but because the back bears a lot of our body’s weight and has a large range of movement, it is best to get any pain checked and addressed as soon as possible. If you are uncertain, you can visit a clinic and seek out experts in back pain near you to get a comprehensive assessment.

Chiropractic adjustments represent a non-surgical alternative to back pain treatment and often help significantly with treating and managing back pain. It is even safe for children and pregnant women.

Is chiropractic treatment only for back pain?

While back pain is one of the most common causes for people to seek chiropractic help, chiropractic treatment can be effective for most types of pain. Our techniques have proven effective for everything from migraines and headaches to pain in the neck, ribs, arms and legs.

Is chiropractic treatment for back pain safe for pregnant women?

Yes. In fact, our resident pregnancy chiropractor is skilled in delivering specific gentle adjustments to improve spinal function and loosen tight muscles for pregnant women.

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